Aquino faces ban for attacking fan

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Aquino faces ban for attacking fan Empty Aquino faces ban for attacking fan

Sta. Lucia Realty’s Marlou Aquino faces heavy fines and possible suspension for allegedly punching a basketball fan following the Realtors’ encounter against the Burger King Whopper in Game 2 of their quarterfinal series in the Motolite-PBA Fiesta Cup Wednesday night.

The 6-foot-9 Aquino, a 13-year veteran, reportedly charged at a certain Gitesh Gidwani behind the SLR bench moments after the game won by Burger King, 94-81. The best-of-three series is now tied at 1-1.

PBA Commissioner Renauld “Sonny” Barrios has summoned Aquino to appear Friday at the league office in Libis, Quezon City to explain what transpired before deciding on what to do, whether or not fine and suspend the player.

“May problema kung ganun nga ang nangyari,” Barrios said, referring to the contact Aquino had when he allegedly hit the fan for apparently harassing his family behind the Sta. Lucia bench.

“It’s something that’s not desirable. Fans are the life-blood of the league. But in fairness to Marlou, I want to hear first his explanation before I make a decision,” Barrios added.

Sta. Lucia coach Boyet Fernandez said that Aquino told him that he only rushed at the stands to fetch his two daughters who were arguing with Gidwani.

“Ang sabi lang ni Marlou nagalit ‘yung mga anak niya nung narining na minumura na siya,” said Fernandez.

A friend of Gidwani, who called the Bulletin and identified himself as Rajah, said the victim is now consulting with lawyers to determine what action to take.

Gidwani, he said, has reported the incident to the police and with the Araneta security who he said did not lift a finger to stop the assault.

He said at least four persons participated in the assault, kicking Gidwani and punching him even when he was already down.

He said Gidwani had made a comment about Aquino being a poor foul shooter not realizing that the player’s relatives were seated near him.

“But he apologized afterward and thought it was over,” said Rajah. “Besides,” Rajah said, more worse things are shouted at players during games and “these are normal reaction from the crowd.”

But after the game, just as Gidwani was moving toward the exit, Aquino reportedly punched the fan and was followed by Aquino’s other friends, including Encarnado.

A somewhat similar incident happened in the NBA in November 2004 when then Indiana Pacers players Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O’Neal charged at the stands and assaulted some fans at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan during a game against the Detroit Pistons.

The three players were fined and suspended, including Artest who was barred from playing the rest of the season.

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Aquino faces ban for attacking fan :: Comments


Post on Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:39 am by jamj3

Marlou Aquino of Sta. Lucia Realty was fined P20,000 by PBA Commissioner Sonny Barrios but escaped suspension after figuring in a heated argument with an Indian national after Game 2 of their quarterfinal series with Burger King in the Motolite-PBA Fiesta Cup Wednesday at the Araneta Coliseum.

Aquino also denied that he punched Gitesh Gidwani.

“Sa tagal ko sa PBA (13 years) never ako na-involved sa ganito. Kung ako lang ang sinasabihan ng masasamang salita okay lang sa akin e, pero pag-involved na ang mga anak ko iba na ‘yun,” the 6-foot-9 Aquino told the Bulletin after his meeting with Barrios.

“Nung nakita ko na nakikipagtalo ‘yung mga anak ko, lumapit na ako pero para umawat lang. Ang sabi pa nga daw nung lalake sa anak ko ‘I don’t care if he’s your (invective) father,’” Aquino said.

Gidwani earlier claimed he was punched by Aquino after the game.

“Never ko sinuntok or tinulak ‘yung tao. Ang sabi ko lang sa kanya, ‘That’s my daughter (Marla)’ and then nung kung anu-ano pa sinasabi n’ya, sabi ko na lang sa kanya, ‘Just go out,’” Aquino added.

During the game, Gidwani, who was seated behind the SLR bench, allegedly hurled invectives at Aquino for his poor free throw shooting.

Unfortunately, the Indian national was just a few seats away from Aquino’s children and the eldest, Marla, reacted to what she heard.

The verbal fight reportedly continued even after the game that saw Aquino come to the rescue of his children.

Barrios did not suspend the 6-foot-9 Aquino because there was no physical contact that took place between him and the PBA fan.

Gidwani also claimed that some loyal Sta. Lucia supporters also hit him during the commotion but could not identify the suspects.

The Whopper won the game, 94-81, to tie their series at 1-1.

Another person closely identified with SLR team official Buddy Encarnado was reportedly the one who hit Gidwani.

Barrios, for his part, said that the decision to penalize Aquino was based on the “confrontation” he had that resulted to a melee where a fan received blows from SLR supporters.

Barrios also told Aquino: “While in your perception your act as a concerned father was justifiable in confronting a fan, you must keep your emotions in check even in the most trying times, especially in relation to act against a paying fan, the lifeblood of the league.”


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Post on Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:51 am by jamj3

The basketball fan who was reportedly mauled by Sta. Lucia player Marlou Aquino and some team supporters last June 3 after a Philippine Basketball Association game at the Araneta Coliseum has asked PBA Commissioner Sonny Barrios for a formal inquiry into the incident.

In a letter addressed to Barrios dated June 5, Jitesh Gidwani, said that he was not given due process by the PBA which did not invite him so he can air his side of the incident.

Instead, he said, the PBA called Aquino to a meeting the day after the game and thereafter cleared him of the accusation but fined the player P20,000.

During the meeting, Barrios accepted Aquino’s denial that he did not punch Gidwani without seeking the side of the aggrieved party.

At the same time, the commissioner did not punish the team for allowing some of its supporters to attack Gidwani, an Indian national who was born and grew up in the Philippines.

Gidwani categorically accused Aquino, team manager Buddy Encarnado and several people from the Sta. Lucia team of attacking and mauling him without provocation after the June 3 game between the Realtors and Burger King which Sta. Lucia lost.

Gidwani said that the incident was witnessed by several people in the venue and that the intervention of the coliseum security personnel spared him from further injury.

"I wish to express my indignation at the unwanted actions of the Sta. Lucia team. I watch the PBA purely for entertainment purposes and I suppose I can watch the games with a sense of security," Gidwani said.

"May I categorically state that what was done by those involved was totally unjustifiable and has no place in the PBA, which has continuously maintained its prestige and has diligently provided security to the paying public who come to watch the games live and be entertained."

Gidwani also denied that he insulted or hurled invectives at Aquino’s daughter. "My aim is to clear my name from adverse opinions. I reiterate that my actions were unprovocative without any desire for any confrontations, more so with a woman," Gidwani said.

Gidwani has also written Games and Amusements Board chairman Eric Buhain asking his help to investigate the incident.

Observers are wondering how an incident like this is being treated so lightly by the PBA whose lifeblood are the fans who patronize the league.

In the NBA for instance, attack on fans by players and their supporters is punished severely as what happened in November 2004 when then Indiana Pacers players Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O’Neal charged at the stands and engaged some fans at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan during a game against the Detroit Pistons.

The three players were fined and suspended. Artest who was barred from playing the rest of the season.


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Post on Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:48 am by jamj3

Sta. Lucia Realty team manager Salvador “Buddy” Encarnado challenged a basketball fan who claimed to have been assaulted by veteran player Marlou Aquino and some team officials to file charges even as he denied having participated in the alleged mauling.

Encarnado was reacting to a letter sent by a certain Jitesh Gidwani who asked Philippine Basketball Association commissioner Sonny Barrios to conduct a more thorough probe of the incident which happened after the June 3 PBA game between Sta. Lucia and Burger King at the Araneta Coliseum which the Realtors lost, 94-81.

“Mag-demanda na lang s’ya kung gusto niya,” Encarnado said Tuesday in a phone interview.

“We love the fans. We know that they are the lifeblood of the league. But it is also the responsibility of the fans not to malign and discredit the players,” he said.

In his letter sent to Barrios, Gidwani claimed that Aquino punched him while Encarnado and some other Sta. Lucia supporters attacked and mauled him without provocation.

He has also asked the Games and Amusements Board to look into the matter.

Barrios, who is in Medan, Indonesia to watch all-PBA team play in the Southeast Asian Basketball Association (SEABA) championship, fined Aquino P20,000 last Thursday after meeting the player who denied punching Gidwani, an Indian national born in the Philippines.

Gidwani said he was never asked by the PBA to give his side of the story which heard only Aquino’s version.

Like Aquino, Encarnado also refuted the Indian national’s claims, saying: “He was running from the incident.”

“What happened really is that I was seated behind the (SLR) bench. Then we heard Marlou’s two daughters (Marla and Shelo) who were hysterical and pointing at him (Gidwani). He was trying to run. Unfortunately, this guy bumped in to me and I tried to stop him,” Encarnado said.

“All I did was hinawakan ko s’ya sa kamay and asked him why he was running away from the incident,” he added.

After that, Encarnado said Gidwani fell down and several SLR supporters came rushing to the scene.

Encarnado also belied Gidwani’s claims that he did not hurl invectives and insulted Aquino.

“Madami ang nakarinig sa mga pinagsa-sabi niya kay Marlou, including the two daughters. Hindi naman magre-react ng ganun ’yung mga anak ni Marlou kung wala siya sinabi, and then he confronted the two minors,” Encarnado said.

“The bottom line here is that, we’re here to play basketball. It’s unfortunate that this thing happened. I’ve been in this league for quite a while, so let us behave regardless of who we are, team official, player or a fan,” he added.


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